Mid-Atlantic Partnerships

Facing the challenges of climate change on Mid-Atlantic forests requires a collaborative effort amongst a diverse group of partners and community stakeholders, who share a common goal of forest conservation and management. Sharing knowledge and experience benefits all participants and strengthens future decision-making and planning efforts for years to come. 

Partnership groups provide input to the vulnerability assessments and adaptation tools, and help to identify opportunities for climate change adaptation demonstration projects. The Mid-Atlantic project will focus efforts within the region and will look to add value to work that is currently underway in the region, catalyze existing efforts, and fill existing gaps.

We are actively looking for partners interested in these outcomes to help shape this effort and create practical solutions for sustaining healthy and vibrant forests in the face of changing conditions.

Mid-Atlantic Framework project Partnerships center around two themes:

1.      Science-management integration: Partnerships with scientists and managers from universities, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations help ensure the newest information is incorporated into decision-making and that research is designed to help inform decisions.

2.      Partnerships with land managers across the the Mid-Atlantic region to facilitate decisions and actions across boundaries.

Please contact Patricia Butler to learn more about this effort.