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The entire state of Rhode Island is within the New England Framework. Rhode Island is composed of one Ecological Province, the Eastern Broadleaf Forest (221). Understanding and managing the impacts of climate change on New England’s diverse forests will help us maintain their many benefits for years to come.

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Please contact Maria Janowiak to learn more about this effort. 

Demonstration Projects

  • This forest on Prudence Island has been degraded by forest pests and invasive species, and work is underway to develop a strategy to restore healthy forest conditions while also adapting to climate change.

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  • Providence Water is managing forests to be better-adapted to future conditions, which includes experimenting with planting tree species from farther south on a number of sites.

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Sorry, no Partners currently available for this area.


Sorry, no Partners currently available for this area.


  • Workshop

    Climate Change and Southern New England Forests: Flyer

    The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science is hosting a workshop on Climate Change and Southern New England Forests for natural resource professionals on September 23 in Amherst, MA. Download t...

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  • Brief

    New England Climate Change Response Framework Briefing

    New! The New England Climate Change Response Framework will cover more than 50 million acres of forest land, from the peaks of the northern Appalachians to the coasts of the Atlantic.   

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  • Doc

    Forest Adaptation Resources

    Forests across the United States are already changing in response to the changing climate, and natural resource professionals increasingly need to address new challenges for management and conservatio...

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