Ottawa National Forest

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The Ottawa National Forest began working with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science in 2011 to implement the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework.  Forest staff have assisted with preparation of the Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and Synthesis (version 2) for northern Wisconsin and the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The vulnerability assessment provides us valuable information to support adaptation actions into our land management planning and resource management projects.  Two early examples of projects that have included climate change considerations as part of the NEPA project planning process are the Pori project and the Forest-wide aspen management project.  Both of these projects made use of the Adaptation Workbook from Forest Adaptaton Resources

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

In addition to supporting the preparation of the vulnerability assessment, the Ottawa climate change “core team” is engaged in responding to several elements included in the Forest Service Climate Change Performance Scorecard and continues to make progress towards a smaller carbon footprint working in areas such as energy efficiency in our vehicles and buildings, green purchasing, employee education, and recycling.  Our goal is to ensure that climate change is not a stand-alone aspect of the work we do, but that it is integrated into all our programs.