Superior National Forest

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The Superior National Forest is participating in the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework to work collaboratively with researchers, state and county agencies, non-governmental agencies and other partners to be well prepared to respond to the impacts of climate change to forest ecosystems and associated resources across the landscape and across all ownerships. The Superior NF is actively engaged in the Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and will participate in efforts to produce the Forest Adaptation Resources document. The Superior NF will also consider opportunities for adaptation demonstration projects that result from the Northwoods project.  

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

Considering the impacts of climate change falls within the Superior National Forest’s broader mission of multiple use and ecosystem management for the nearly three million acres of National Forest System land it is charged with managing in northeastern Minnesota. As the Superior NF manages for healthy forests to provide clean water, clean air, resources for local and regional economies, recreational opportunities and opportunities for local tribes to exercise their rights, the ability to respond and adapt to climate change will be crucial in continuing to provide those resources and services in a sustainable manner.