Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources collaborates with the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework on several levels.  Six DNR staff are members of the Science Team and contribute to developing the Minnesota Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment.  Other DNR staff participate on the coordinating committee and on the Minnesota Forest Resources Council’s Northeast Landscape Planning Committee.  DNR is also conducting an expert-based Vulnerability Assessment for major habitat types and priority species in Minnesota.  This assessment will both draw on and contribute to CCRF results where appropriate.  In addition, DNR staff will help develop the FAR document and participate in demonstration projects coordinated through CCRF. 

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

The Minnesota DNR views climate change as a significant priority, highlighted in our 2009-13 Conservation Agenda and in our 2011 “Conservation that Works” priorities.  We have numerous activities focusing on Climate Change and Renewable energy.  Our Climate Change and Renewable Energy Steering (CREST) team, established by DNR’s Senior Managers in 2010, provides department-wide coordination and guidance on climate change and renewable energy strategies. Four interdisciplinary work teams support CREST including the: Climate Change Adaptation Team, Carbon Sequestration Team, Biofuels Team, and Energy Efficiency Team. These and related DNR teams promote tools that help make Minnesota’s natural lands and waters more resilient to climate change and help reduce DNR’s carbon footprint.