US Forest Service Eastern Region

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The U.S. Forest Service Eastern Region supports all three regional Framework projects. It provides staff support as well as committee oversight for multiple aspects of each Framework project. The Eastern Region, together with the Forest Service Northern Research Station, commissioned the first Climate Change Response Framework project in northern Wisconsin (now part of the broader Northwoods project). The Regional Office coordinates projects on a regional level, and works with National Forests within the region at sub-regional scales. Eleven National Forests within the Eastern Region are part of Framework projects.

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

The U.S. Forest Service Eastern Region is committed to a landscape-scale approach to climate change that involves integrating science and management and working with partners to conserve valuable resources. The Eastern Region is also part of a larger Forest Service-wide effort to respond to climate change, outlined in its National Roadmap. Success in responding to climate change is measured on an annual basis using the 10-point Climate Change Scorecard.