Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources: Ball Club Red Pine


A forester with Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources used the Adaptation Workbook at a workshop in the summer of 2015, and he used those ideas to refine a timber sale for the stand. 

Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources staff used the Adaptation Workbook at a workshop to evaluate adaptation actions that would be suitable for a red pine timber sale in northern Minnesota.

Project Area

The Ball Club Red Pine timber sale is XXX acres....This mixed red pine stand typifies a condition that many foresters will be familiar with in northern Minnesota: a mature red pine stand with a mixture of conifer and hardwood regeneration in the understory.

Management Goals

 John Segari, the DNR forester who developed this timber sale, was originally weighing two competing management goals for this stand.  He was considering maintaining it as a red pine dominanted stand, or converting aggressively to more of a hardwoods-dominated stand.  John kept both management goals in mind as he evaluated the potential climate change risks and opportunities for the site. 

Climate Change Impacts

For this project, the most important anticipated climate change impacts include:

Challenges and Opportunities

Climate change will present challenges and opportunities for accomplishing the management objectives of this project, including:

Adaptation Actions

Project participants used the Adaptation Workbook to develop several adaptation actions for this project, including:


Project participants identified several monitoring items that could help inform future management, including:

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