Minnesota Forest Resource Council

Our interactions and activities in the Framework: 

The Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC) and its Landscape Program are facilitating cross-ownership communication and coordination of the Framework in Minnesota. The Landscape Program is recognized nationally as a model for the coordination of sustainable forest management.  MFRC’s six citizen-based regional committees collaboratively develop and implement resource management plans for Minnesota’s major forested landscapes. 

The MFRC provides a cross-ownership landscape context for the Framework in Minnesota and engages stakeholders to help guide development of the Framework products. Minnesota has defined a network of forest sub-regions within the state, as defined by the MFRC. The Northeast region is in the process of updating the Northeast Landscape Management Plan and will be the initial focus area for coordination and implementation of the Framework. Other regions within the Northwoods focal area include the Northern, North Central, East Central and West Central MFRC landscapes. 

The MFRC will communicate the process and expectations of the Framework to landscape committees and participating organizations; assist in interpreting the information for use by stakeholders; and encourage use of vulnerability assessments and tools in revisions of regional landscape plans and operational forest plans of public and private forest landowners. On an ongoing basis, the MFRC will communicate the best available science and information focused on climate change trends, adaptive management, and mitigation with those interested and involved in northern Minnesota Framework efforts.  

Our broader climate change activities and perspectives: 

The Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC) coordinates implementation of the 1995 Minnesota Sustainable Forest Resources Act and advises the Governor and federal, state, and local governments on sustainable forest resource policies and practices.  MFRC Members are appointed by the Governor (16 members) and the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council (1 member).

In addition to facilitation of landscape-level forest planning and coordination, MFRC responsibilities include advising the Governor and public agencies on sustainable forest policies and practices and developing comprehensive guidelines for forest management, including timber harvest practices and a monitoring program.

Climate change has been a priority issue for the MFRC and we are active in discussions regarding adaptation and mitigation opportunities. More information about recent work is available on our climate initiative policy page.