Create a project specific adaptation plan in 8-weeks

The Adaptation Planning and Practices online (APPo) course is a hands-on training to help natural resources managers incorporate climate change considerations into their own real-world forest management projects. The course uses information and tools developed through the Climate Change Response Framework, including Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers. The online course uses the Adaptation Workbook online platform. 

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Course Syllabus

Find the details that you need to successfully complete the course. We have prepared a course syllabus for the online Adaptation Planning and Practices course with curated lists of resources relevant to each step of the Adaptation Workbook. Find:

  • Logistics
  • Connection details (meeting URLs and meeting dates)
  • Course format
  • Course schedule detailed week by week (Lecture topics, assignments, and supporting resources)

Download your course Course Syllabus below: