Many resources exist to help Minnesota foresters and land managers consider climate change impacts and make adaptation decisions. This page will be updated periodically to reflect the best available information from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and other partners. 


Handouts of Individual Tree Species Projections: 1-page summaries of climate change projections for tree species across several large landscapes.*

Minnesota Native Plant Communities: Descriptions and classification of Native Plant Communities. 

Minnesota DNR Tree Species Suitability Tables: Tool to help decide which species to favor in different Native Plant Communities. 

Minnesota DNR Climate Change Information: A collection of useful links and reports.

Adapting to a Changing Climate: The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency leads the Minnesota Interagency Adaptation Team and collects examples of adaptation across the state. 

*See the following reference for a more detailed assessment for the Minnesota Drift and Lake Plains: Lucash, M.S., R.M. Scheller, E. J. Gustafson, B. R. Sturtevant. 2017. LANDIS-II Visualization for North Central MN (212N). Available at: