This article describes an extensive literature review of scientific publications on wildlife management and climate change adaptation. We drew from over 500 publications, generating a total list of over 2300 distinct adaptation recommendations. Although we found an increase in the volume and diversity of recommendations since 2007, a focus on protected areas and the non‐reserve matrix remained prominent in the climate adaptation literature. Common concepts include protected areas, invasive species, ecosystem services, adaptive management, stepping stones, assisted migration, and conservation easements. In contrast, only 1% of recommendations focused on reproduction, survival, disease, or human‐wildlife conflict. Few recommendations reflected the potential for local‐scale management interventions. This information formed the foundation of the Wildlife Adaptation Menu. 

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  • Citation: LeDee, O.E., Handler, S.D., Hoving, C.L., Swanston, C.W. and Zuckerberg, B. (2021), Preparing Wildlife for Climate Change: How Far Have We Come? Jour. Wild. Mgmt., 85: 7-16.